Zakat & Income tax
  1. The First :  Auditing the Zakat & income tax return before submitting it to the General Authority of  Zakat & Tax through:
    • Checking the financial statements and reviewing the data that may affect the Zakat and  the taxable income.
    • Checking sample documents of expenses and revenues, fixed assets and liabilities to ensure that they are documentarily supported.
    • Checking the detailed tables of Zakat returen and income tax return.
    • Ensuring that Zakat or the tax return has been completed according to their related laws and implementing regulations.
    • Submitting an audit report illustrating how Zakat and taxable income is calculated.
    • Providing the technical support upon submitting the tax return to the General Authority of Zakat & Tax using its website. 
  2. ​The Second : inspection services upon request by the GAZT:
    • Reviewing analyses and information required for inspection in cooperation with the financial departments.
    • Review documents and analyses required for primary committees in case the dispute is transferred to it.