ATC – Sobol El Khebra
ATC – Sobol El Khebra for Zakat & Income Tax Consultants Company provide creative integrated tax solutions in Arabic and English languages by our significant team. This leads to lessening the financial burden from our clients. We consider the following:
  • All financial and tax aspects as well as the accounting system
  • Correct application of the law to avoid any violations
  • Saving the company any additional tax burdens

The preparation of the tax or Zakat return may seem easy however ATC – Sobol El Khebra for Zakat & Income Tax Consultants Company realize the challenges related to the tax system in the KSA. Most probably, the companies and institutions are fully aware with the legislations and policies related to tax which may vary or be updated continuously. There will be no alternative to a Zakat/Tax Expert assistant so as the companies and institution dedicate their full time to their main activity

Our scope of work in taxes includes a bundle of tasks, among which is the following:

  • Study the company activity and all its manual and electronic accounting documents.
  • Determine the effect of tax on such activities.
  • Set an idea for the required changes by the tax system.
  • Audit the tax returns to be reconciled with the tax system.
  • Assist in the submission of  tax returns to the GAZT
  • Provide all tax consultations by all available means (via telephone, e-mail, visit the company premises if so required)
  • Assist in submission of any queries requested by the company from the GAZT, follow-up till receiving the -related responses and attend all inspections requested by the GAZT whether at the company or GAZT premises.
  • Review all required documents and analyses in case referred to the Court.
  • Notify our clients with all updates in the tax field including laws, decrees, regulations, … which will affect the decision making of pricing and future decisions
  • Provide specialized training courses in the fields of taxes and Zakat by our company experts.