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ATC – Sobol El Khebra

for Zakat & Income Tax Consultants Company – a specialized Saudi company in rendering tax consultations services in-cooperation with ATC Management Consultants, one of the pioneering Egyptian companies in the field of tax consultations services for more than 20 years. ATC is a member in Geneva Group International (GGI) which is a global network of independent accountancy firms, business consultants and specialized legal advisors. It is ranked number 6 worldwide.

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Our Mission

Our mission is rendering tax and consultations services according to the international standards and the best international practices taking into account the Saudi Laws and Regulations. We offer integrated and comprehensive solutions covering all financial and tax aspects exceeding clients expectations to achieve growth and prosperity in their businesses. We have a specialized team in the field of taxes and financial consultations to accomplish our tasks according to the agreed upon schedule and with the highest possible quality.

Our vision

We are committed to providing our services with the quality that makes us outstanding in the field of tax and financial consultations in order to be on equal footing with the large international companies.

Our values

We believe in a bundle of significant values which make our work and professional practices distinct in all the services we provide to our clients, among which are:

  • Integrated solutions

    We are committed to providing integrated and comprehensive solutions in all our services considering all the financial and tax aspects according to the applied laws and regulations owing to our qualified and expert staff.

  • Integrity

    We deal with our clients with credibility and the required quality when we submit reports or information.

  • Objectivity

    We are committed to the professional and practical ethics.

  • Confidentiality

    We refuse to disclose any confidential information as well as abstaining from using it for personal or other party benefit.

  • Professional efficiency and due diligence

    When we provide our services, we exert the due diligence to adhere to the applied professional and technical standards.

  • Professional behavior

    We abide by the laws and regulations and avoid any conduct which may negatively affect the integrity of the profession.

Why we are different?

We, ATC – Sobol El Khebra for Zakat & Income Tax Consultants Company believe that mutual cooperation between pillars of expertise is the best channel to make difference. We seek for the best Advisors and Consultants as well as strategic partners with good fame and reputation. Consequently, our mutual cooperation with ATC – Ashraf Abdel Ghani for Tax Consultations in the Arab Republic of Egypt (one of the Egyptian pioneers in the field of tax consultation services for more than 20 years. ATC is a member in Geneva Group International).     We can help you